Ceramic Makers - Made London Marylebone

We are thrilled to present our first four Ceramic Makers showcasing their pottery and mosaic collections at Made London Marylebone.



Anne Barell Ceramics


Rum cups, pedestal bowls and jugs are decorated with handpainted boats and merchant ships traversing the stormy seas. Mansions, tree lined harbours, and icebergs are hand drawn using the sgraffito technique. More abstract pieces are informed by twentieth century art and the contemporary shell range features linocut decorated slab built forms, highlighted with gold and platinum lustres.

Candice Coetser


Candice Coetser makes finely thrown porcelain vessels. Using etching, layering and brushing glazes, the simple crisp forms are sensitively decorated to evoke the local forest landscape. Her handbuilt vessels use an ancient African method of coiling, and are decorated with prints and layered and brushed glazes. She draws on two distinct cultural references from her past and present.

Carolyn Tripp Ceramics


Carolyn makes thrown porcelain vessels, some quite usable, others a visual treat. Choosing a unique decoration for each vessel and drawing on the traditional industrial process of underglaze transfer, which she combines with glaze, she hopes to create pieces to look at and treasure.

Cleo Mussi


A modern day mosaic folk artist working with reclaimed ceramic . Cleo creates unique pieces to commission for both public and private spaces as well as smaller works in series. The work is decorative celebrating colour, form and pattern as well as exploring more complex ideas with dark humour and twists in the narrative commenting on the current themes in the world around us.