Featured Jewellery Makers - Made London Marylebone

Continuing with the presentation of all Makers exhibiting their work at Made London Marylebone here are the next four jewellers showcasing their stunning creations!

Kostadinos Jewellery

Kostadinos Jewellery fabricates intricately textured and organic pieces alluding to the rich surface of earth and rock formations. His designs draw from the energy of these natural shapes and forms and translate it into fine and elegant wearable pieces of jewellery.

Laura Ngyou Jewellery

Laura’s work reflects a fascination for miniature worlds found within the natural landscape from exotic jungle flora to the humble rock pool. Her experimental approach to making and passion for intricate detail, is demonstrated through wearable objects and sculpture using silver, often accented with gold and unusual gemstones

Lesley Strickland

Lesley creates a range of jewellery made from cellulose acetate and sterling silver. Her inspiration comes from natural forms and the style of the sculptors from the 1950’s. She strives for elegant simplicity and likes the wearer to have a very tactile relationship with her work. All work is handmade by Lesley in her London studio.

Libby Ward

Libby’s design approach is based on experimental methodologies, she has a passion for juxtaposing unusual and an unexpected mix of materials using a myriad of making processes, in order to create thought provoking jewellery. The tactile nature of her work aims to connect people with textures and how they perceive preciousness through materials. Libby uses processes like electro-forming and etching.