Made Marylebone - Jewellery Features

Our selection of jewellers this year is truly outstanding. The following makers work with metal, ceramics, wood and gemstones to create their unique designs!

Grace Girvan

Collecting and studying found objects from Scotland’s shorelines is the starting point in Grace’s creative process. The collected objects inform the colour, texture and compositions found in Grace’s jewellery. The objects themselves are often incorporated into her pieces. Pebbles are combined with silver and enamel to create beautiful, distinctive jewellery.

Hendrike Barz-Meltzer

Working with different techniques, Hendrike strives for well-designed pieces, mostly abstract, with an element of the unexpected: the off-centre, unequal, non-matching & the odd. The pieces are outcomes of a design process that starts with a drawing, then a transfer onto the human body, is then altered and finally translated into materials. The pieces fully come to life when seen worn on the human body.

Inis Living

Inis Living brings together a collection of British and Irish crafts and designs. Ceramics inspired by the Irish landscape, jewellery crafted with gemstones from around the world, baskets woven from homegrown willow to name a few. Each piece tells a unique story. You can feel the care poured into its creation, the love for the materials, the passion for the craft.

Jane Sedgwick

Jane makes bold, playful, wooden jewellery. She uses traditional woodworking techniques but with the approach of a Modernist. Jane manages a small woodland which provides a sustainable supply of sycamore for her work.