Essence of Strength

Essence of Strength is an exciting new British company drawing on the combined talents of Kristian Arens, a highly experienced industrial and superyacht designer with expertise in advanced composite materials together with Clive Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in delivering highly bespoke advanced composite products for ultra-high net worth individuals, including the world’s two largest carbon composite sailing rigs.

This hugely experienced partnership has a passion and ambition to design bespoke and truly iconic contemporary furniture using a mix of ultra-modern carbon composites married with exquisite wood and leather. The contemporary, gravity defying furniture uses natural curves to deliver inherent strength while the advanced composite materials enable cantilevered forms that defy normal design parameters to support varying human postures. The designs are a true engineering accomplishment, delivering simplistic, luxurious elegance. Taking structural inspiration from natural organic forms, these highly engineered designs use a complex and intricate alignment of uni-directional carbon threads to create fluidity of shape whilst ensuring incredible strength, super-thin profiles, and feather-like weight.

Whilst most current furniture designers and manufacturers use carbon predominately as an aesthetic and decorative feature, the highly experienced duo behind Essence of Strength have, for the first time, produced a range of furniture that embraces and celebrates the extraordinary structural properties of carbon fibre, which would not be practical, if at all possible, in more traditional materials.

Offering a turnkey service from concept through design and engineering to manufacture and delivery, Essence of Strength is an exciting new British company working with interior designers, architects, corporate clients and private commissions.

Essence of Strength enables those with a desire for unique, bespoke and iconic furniture built from advanced carbon technologies to be designed, commissioned and realised.