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Atelier 51 hosts five resident artists. We are located in the heart of Brighton and offer studio space as well as a shop where work from our artists is available for sale. We host open studio days and events as well as the ATELIER Editions with commissioned products and collaborations.



Sarah Young is a printmaker, Illustrator and Maker. Her work is often influenced by myth and folklore, popular culture and vintage entertainments. She and Jon started out by making and then performing a travelling puppet theatre. Their latest venture has been the studios and shop Atelier 51.

silvia K.jpg


Silvia's collections are a contemporary interpretation of simple historical objects with a strong focus on function and colour. While the origins of her early work can be traced to her Slovakian heritage, ongoing research takes her enquiring eye to peasant ceramic ware from sources as diverse as French Confit pots and Iraqi dinner plates. With a passion and respect for crafts, Silvia sees these objects as a vital element of our cultural and social history and is uncompromising in her research and development.
Each range presents a complementary combination of fresh bright colours alongside quieter tones. Pattern is minimal, using simple strokes, lines or bases of colour. Past collections have been inspired by travels such as to Morocco and Portugal, while the current palette emerged from studies of the Bloomsbury residence, Charleston House.

Elaine Bolt Woodland Vessels


Elaine Bolt is a maker who creates works and compositions in ceramics and mixed media. Guided by a sense of narrative and steeped in the context of the local surroundings, her work includes hand-built framed objects and thrown vessels in porcelain and local clays.

She makes and teaches ceramics from her studio at Atelier 51 in Brighton.

Rhoda Baker Textile Design


Rhoda Baker has a background in textile design and particularly weaving. Rhoda’s 'Paperscapes' are low relief multi layered contoured maps of pattern and structure. Geometrically abstract, systematic, but also spontaneous and intuitive, they explore ideas about rhythm, sequence, repetition, light and space. She also explores relief and screen printmaking, and also makes 'wearable art' lapel pins and other paper based jewellery.

Meghan Limbrick


Meghan Limbrick is a designer/maker based in Brighton UK. From a young age she spent her time making tiny notebooks and being extremely interested in spies, Ancient Egypt and the work of multi-skilled artist Kit Williams.


Ceramic Cups - Sarah Young
Large Bowl and Ceramic Mug - Silvia K
Hansel and Gretel Series - Sarah Young
Enamel Ring - Melissa Yarlett
Fox Nest Print by Flora Mclachlan
Ribcage Necklace by Anna Watson